Our specialty at Bright Excavation Inc. is earthwork. Mass excavating, various types of pad preperations and various base course installations. Past projects consists of just about anything that can come to mind; heavy, commercial retail, highway work, oil fields, freight companies, various schools and just about everything inbetween. We eagerly pursue any type of earthwork and we are very aggressive at comleting project ahead of schedule!


Stabilizing soil is also not an issue at Bright Excavation, Inc. Whether we are cement stabilizing roadways, lime stabilizing parking lots and pads, it is a simple task. We own all of the equipment needed to efficiently complete any of these types of projects!


At Bright Excavation, Inc. , clearing is not an issue whether we burn it or grind it! We are capable to clear and grind any amount of forestry on any project we are awarded. Our corporation owns some of the most heavy duty tree grinding equipment within the industry!


Another aspect of our scope of work is Erosion control. We take pride in meeting all EPA standards in place for environmental protection. Ambitiously enforce measures to keep the soils intact during our work by installing silt fences, construction entrances and occasional hydro-mulching. Whatever it takes to keep the environment clean and intact, and take pride in doing so!